Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Perfect Superwoman

Do you ever dream about being the perfect wife, mom, daughter, & friend? Do you ever dream about having the perfect, most organized home, your schedule all set for whatever comes your way, your thank you card & notes all addressed & sent out on time, laundry always caught up, & Pinterest…well, you’ve tried them all because you are a Superwoman. 

We all would agree that yes, it would be great if we could have everything together & get every single thing checked off our forever long “to do list” but in reality we are far from perfect. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to have goals & wonderful to have a schedule that helps you keep on top of things but to be honest, in my life, I try way too hard to be a Superwoman.

I like to imagine that I’m Superwoman flying through my house picking up everything & putting it in its place, taking care of every need that my husband & children have. God is really teaching me that I am not who accomplishes any of this in my own strength but it’s Him through me.

So many times I get so frustrated when I plan my day of what I’m going to accomplish & something unexpected comes my way. God again reminds me that He knew that was going to happen & He has a plan in why He’s placed it in my life.

I heard a quote at our Ladies’ Bible Study this week & the Lord used it in my life after events that have happened over the last several months in our home. The quote was “The Lord is not looking for perfection but willingness.” 

For Christmas this year, I wanted to have the “Perfect Christmas” with my family. I had so many ideas from Pinterest planned out & so many dreams of how our Christmas was going to be with Josiah being able to enjoy it more this year & also watching Micah experience his first Christmas. 

Micah became sick in the beginning of December & after a couple of trips to the doctor, they told us he had Bronchiolitis caused by RSV. The doctor told us it was a long road but that she thought he would be fine after it passed. He continued to get worse which led us to sleepless nights for weeks, a couple trips to ER & then his admission into the hospital for 3 days. As we were there, I couldn’t help but thank the Lord for helping me see priorities in a different perspective. God is so good & we thank Him for helping Micah recover.

I’ve also been having issues with my health that have caused me to see things in a completely different way as well. One thing I have learned is – IT’S OKAY to have people, friends, &/or family help you. I feel as if I’m not doing my job or inconveniencing others if they help. IT’S OKAY to have them help. I’m so thankful for the verse “As thy days, so shall thy strength be.” There are days that are hard but in those days, we can still rest in God’s promises & have joy that He is giving us what we need for that day. Maybe what you need in that day is having a friend come alongside you & pick you up so you can get through that day...or them just giving you a break so you can sleep & be able to function. :) IT'S OKAY. 

So, friend – if you’re weary, take comfort knowing that God is there to give you the strength you need for that hour. If you’re overwhelmed, remember that He is the One in control allowing these things to happen & He is proving Himself in your life. If you feel frustrated because you’re not perfect…It’s OKAY! I’m so thankful that the Lord is not looking for perfection! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Lesson #2 from a 2 Year Old

It amazes me how much trust children have. There have been times this summer when we've been on rough water or "bumpy" as Josiah calls it. Yet, Josiah & Micah don't fret or fear because they know that Dad & Mom have everything under control & they have nothing to worry about. The other day, Josiah feel asleep & stayed asleep on the floor of the boat & slept soundly through the rough ride. It was truly incredible!

I begin thinking of how much, as a Christian, that I need to be like that with my Heavenly Father. There are SO many times that I don't trust Him & I worry myself to death about things when I should just hand them over to my Lord & know He's under control. How much better my life would be if I placed EVERYTHING in His hands. Over the last couple of months, I've been more fearful of so many things that probably won't even ever happen & the Lord, all along, is saying "just trust Me like Josiah & Micah trust you & Dave."

Someone posted this quote the other day & I think of it often.

"There is NOTHING--no circumstance, no trouble, no testing -- that can ever touch me until, first of all it has gone past God and past Christ, right through to me. If it has come that far, it has come with a GREAT PURPOSE, which I may not understand at the moment. But as I REFUSE to become panicky, as I lift up my eyes to HIM and accept it as coming from the throne of God for some GREAT PURPOSE OF BLESSING to my own heart, no sorrow will ever disturb me, no trial will ever disarm me, no circumstance will cause me to fret--for I SHALL REST IN THE JOY OF WHAT MY LORD IS--that is the rest of victory." ~ Loving God With All Your Mind - Elizabeth George ~

I'm so thankful for a God that I can trust, run to & have the JOY in resting in Him! 


Lesson #1 from a 2 Year Old

Tuesday, I was having one of those days. A day in which everything (as it seems) goes wrong & you can’t get anything done that you want to accomplish. I woke up with great anticipation & excitement for potty training. I know, you’re thinking, excitement??? Yes, I started out excited. Haha.

We had a wonderful day the day before with friends at the zoo & then Dave & I went for a much needed & long overdue date. As we were out, I picked up all kinds of yummy/new treats & sweets for Josiah to enjoy & get him excited about fully using the potty. Little did I know, his allergies had been doing a number on him from being outside & being around the animals. Let’s just say we had more meltdowns before it was even lunch time, so I decided it was wise to call it a day for the potty training & we had to replace the training for breathing treatments.

Then, there was sweet, smiling Micah that’s been working on teeth for some time & has tummy troubles that turned him into a screaming, miserable, sad little boy. What a day we were having! Only to get another bit of news…

Dave had been helping a friend & injured the same eye that’s been injured a few times before & I knew that he was in an incredible amount of pain & would need to do all the needed treatments to get the eye to start healing from the abrasion of his cornea.

So, there I was exhausted, about to burst into tears, not having anything else to give & Josiah wanted me to play with him before Daddy got home. J He invited me to church, which was being held in his room, & brought me in to sit down. He shook my hand & said “Good to meet you!” He also sang a song or two & then started to pray “Dear Jesus, please help me be good. Amen!!!” It was then that God struck my heart & I realized that I needed to bring to Him my burdens & challenges of my day. I was spending all my time being frustrated about our day not going at all as planned that I hadn’t even prayed that the Lord would help direct me & give me the strength, love, & energy I needed for that day. God is so good to continue to teach us even after failing Him time & time again. I’m so thankful for that moment of Him using a 2 year old to get ahold of my heart & help me remember that I need to bring everything before the Lord!